Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Energy in 2010?

This story is making waves in the blogosphere right now so I thought I'd reproduce it here. I went to a lecture by Dr Steven Greer 10 years ago and have been following his work on new energy technologies ever since. This latest announcement from his Orion Project offers the promise of developing a "free energy" demonstration model as soon as March 2010. Such virtually free and clean energy would usher in an age of prosperity and peace for the world, since so many wars are fought over oil.

Top secret free energy scientist enters contract with Greer's Orion Project

On Christmas day, Steven Greer announced that the 'top secret' inventor they've talked about has been released early from military seclusion, and has contracted with them to bring a Tesla-related free energy technology to the world.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

On Christmas day, as "a Christmas present to the world," Steven Greer, M.D., and his science advisor, Ted Loder, Ph.D., from the Orion Project, announced on the World Puja Network that the "top secret" inventor they've talked about over the past year has been released early from military seclusion, and has contracted with them to begin bringing various technologies he has developed (in some cases at taxpayer expense) to the world, beginning with a free energy technology in the tradition of Nikola Tesla.

They are hoping to have a sample prototype to begin to disclose to the public this spring. However, much research and development, beta testing and durability testing will be needed before a completed device of several kilowatt output is ready for distribution to the public. Greer said that the Orion Project signed a contract with this top secret scientist some ten days prior to the Dec. 25 announcement.

Dr. Greer said:

"This is one of the most significant undertakings in the history of our country, as we try to bring forward, very boldly, and decisively, the sciences and technologies that would get our country off of oil and gas and coal and nuclear power; and into clean, free energy; so that every home and business and facility in America and the world may be running on this type of energy, without any costs, once you have the device in place; and without any pollution or impact on the environment."

Story continues here

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