Friday, January 16, 2009

Education That Pays For Itself

Watch an inspiring 13 minute video of the recent Teach a Man Fish conference held at the Eden Campus, near Kynsna.

From the Teach a Man to Fish website:

The 'Education that Pays for Itself' model
Creating jobs requires creating entrepreneurs. We believe that the most successful institutions at producing graduates equipped for running their own businesses are those that themselves take an entrepreneurial approach to managing their programmes.

By incorporating production into the educational process not only can students gain a first-hand knowledge of the subjects they study, but useful income can be generated to finance academic overheads.

A realistic long-term goal
Could a school eventually be 100% financially self-sufficient? Yes!

Our first school, the San Francisco Agricultural High School in Paraguay is now covering all of its operational costs in this way - including depreciation! - while meeting internationally recognised standards for excellence in education.

This school uses the GROW BIOINTENSIVE system of 100% organic agriculture.

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